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Attentive Therapist

Single Session Therapy

Kind of like a drop in......

Who said you had to have months of therapy? 

Some people just don't want to work like that. 

If a one off session is what you are looking for then we are able to offer this as well. 

Please click on the link to find out more about single session therapy. 

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Single Session Therapy: Services

What on earth is single session therapy?

It's a good question and one we hope that we can answer!

So SST (Single Session Therapy) is exactly that. One session. Dedicated to you and what you want to bring. 

It maybe that life has been ticking along quite well and something has happened that has rocked the boat and this needs dealing with. 

It maybe that you use it as a check-in. Maybe once a month or once a quarter you come down to have a mental MOT. 

We have clients who use their SST for all sorts of reasons, but what we can promise is that we will work with you on your issue for the session and help you make some decisions about what happens next. 

Single sessions are slightly longer than a normal 50 min counselling hour. We usually run to 60/70 mins. Longer sessions are available dependant on booking. 

Please get in touch if you think a single session is for you. 

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